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I’m Tina Gauff, a Berlin based Director. With a background in Photography and as a Sr. Creative Producer in agencies like TLGG and Molle&Korn, my focus is on branded content and commercials.

I like to shape and transform concepts and stories to modern authentic visuals with cineastic aesthetics and a contemporary editing style.

As a creative duo Mood Film Berlin, we adapt to various production scales in direction, cinematography, editing and creative production – from quick, easy setups for smaller projects, to large productions in collaboration with established production houses.

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+49 176 24 82 63 18


Tirol Werbung / AMG/Michelin / Stada / Hansgrohe / Montblanc / Kale&Me / Schweppes / Adidas / Bauhaus / Universal Music / Vogue Germany / Forbes Magazine / Interfilm Berlin / Hering Schuppener / Egon Zehnder


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